Entrepreneurs University Programs

2020 — 2021 is our 37th program year

in continuous monthly operation.

Providing Venture Community participants, nurturing connections, warm-leads, access, and qualified referrals – without strings attached. Each program’s participant makes their own One-Minute Professional Forums to all others.  CEOs learn leading edge venture skills and training to become a more fundable Entrepreneurial CEO.

Mon. 7th  Dec 2020

Real Entrepreneurs Boot Camp:  early stage CEOs Deconstruct & Reconstruct Their BPlan

Mon. 18 Jan 2021

 INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY MATTERS to Investors.  What Are Investors Looking For?

 Mon. 8  March

 Ways CEOs COMMUNICATE + COMPENSATE to Effectively to Build Fundable Teams

Mon. 12 April

 Techniques to WRITE & PITCH More Fundable Business Plans

 Mon. 10 May

 Real Entrepreneurs Boot Camp:  early stage CEOs Deconstruct & Reconstruct Their BPlan

 Mon. 14 June

 Best of the Best CEOs:            by invitation only, held elsewhere        Bake-off for the Money!

 Mon. 12 July

PATENT ATTORNEY walks Entrepreneurs & Inventors thru CEOs’ Best IP Practices.

 Mon. 2 Aug

 Real Entrepreneurs Boot Camp

 Mon. 13 Sept

 BIOLOGICS: What BioCEOs Must Know to Motivate Angels to Invest.

 Mon.4 Oct 2020

 Real Entrepreneurs Boot Camp:  early stage CEOs Deconstruct & Reconstruct Their BPlan


Venue:     Commercialization Center for Innovative Technologies

The CCIT is located on Route 1, south of Rutgers Cook College Campus and north of Princeton University, within five miles of the New Brunswick NJ Transit train station.  From north or south on Rte 1, take exit “The Technology Center of New Jersey” and find #675  Route 1 – south bound, North Brunswick, NJ 08902.


CEOs register for Entrepreneurs University Programs by emailing LeadAdvisor@EntreUniv.org your name, company, and its physical location, a daytime phone number, and an Executive Summary of your business plan.

A slideshow presentation is optional and highly recommended. In your email cover, include a paragraph about your background, your product, business. 

Select a Entrepreneurs’ Forum to make a 20 minute presentation or select the Entrepreneurs full-day participation option for a more extensive review of your presentation. After selecting one of these services, select a date, then a time, and click on submit button. A summary of your presentation schedule will be shown and you will be asked to make a payment through PayPal by clicking on the Place Order button. Payment must be received to hold your reservation.


Fast Pitch Coaching by Angels, Coaches & Expert Sponsors:

During our day-long Entrepreneurs University programs, Angels, Coaches & Expert Sponsors provide Coaching & Feedback for pre-registered CEOs with innovative technologies. $42. for 20-minute Entrepreneurs’ Forum.


Entrepreneurs with unfair technical or marketplace advantages request a Fast Pitch Forum at these NJAngels sponsored workshops by emailing their Executive Summary or slide deck (1-10 pages) to LeadAdvisor@EntreUniv.org along with your name, company name, physical location, daytime phone number, and a brief description of your product or service for which you are raising capital.

Within 48 hours, CEOs will be contacted to schedule a 20-minute interview with a Lead Advisor or Angel.

These interview help determine the most suitable way we can help you progress on the fundraising circuit.

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