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Upcoming Events:

Our latest program is invitation only by a sponsor of the Angels + Life.Sci Investors Real Entrepreneurs Boot Camp.

Please send your invitation request to LeadAdvisor@EntreUniv.org and indicate if you an accredited investor.

The next Entrepreneurial CEO Interviews are scheduled for Mon. 24 June 2024. Register via EntreUniv.org

2022 Entrepreneurs University Program   www.EntreUniv.org    39th year in continuous monthly operation


M.22.Jan 2024

Real Entrepreneurs Boot Camp:        to De- + Re-construct CEO’s BPlans


M. 5 Feb

Techniques to WRTE & PITCH More Fundable Business Plans


M. 4 March



M. 15 April

Techniques to Attract & Protect Angel Investors + Due Diligence


M. 6 May

PATENT ATTORNEY for CEOs-Inventors + Angels: ‘Best IP Practices’


M. 24 June

Best of the Best CEOs:                      Bake-off for the Money!


M. 12 Aug

Real Entrepreneurs Boot Camp:    CEOs De- + Re-construct Their BPlans


M. 9 Sept

VALUATION: keys to Raising Angel and follow-on Capital


M. 7 Oct 

Better Methods RAISING ANGEL CAPITAL for Diagnostics


M. 4 Nov

Techniques to Attract Protect Angel Investors: Due Diligence


M. 2 Dec 2024

Best of the Best CEOs:                        Bake-off for the Money!

Breakthrough Tools + Technologies for NexGen Therapeutics

and New Products: Using Stem Cell, CRiSPR, and Multi-omics


 If your organization, seeking to engage the earliest stage Venture Community, would benefit participating in Entrepreneurs University programs contact LeadAdvisor@EntreUniv.org

Entrepreneurs’ University programs are a 39-year young nonprofit educational and training institute for Entrepreneurial CEOs learning best practices to start, capitalize, and grow their technology-based enterprise.

In other words, we help Entrepreneurial CEOs gain the skills and tools necessary for them to commercialize their new sciences and technologies they’ve invented. We want CEOs to qualify for professional investment by Angels or Venture Capitalists — by preparing their Due Diligence and their Teams to undergo such a process successfully.

As we enter our 38th year in continuous monthly operation, we remain true to our initial mission of:

Deconstructing + Reconstructing

an Entrepreneurial CEOs Business Plan

which involves using unfair technological

or marketplace advantages commercializing

novel sciences and technologies to create

attractive returns for the Owners & Investors.

We invite Entrepreneurial CEOs to participate in our monthly programs as they seek a Forum to gain feedback — from actual professional Angel investors, business savvy Coaches, and early stage domain Experts who Sponsor our nonprofit.  Many Entrepreneurs have learned to improve and a make a more compelling pitch and turn a more fundable presentation to skeptical outside professional investors, and go forward to raise capital.

Some CEOs want help improving their business plan, make connections to build their Team, and add resources as needed.  We actively connect Entrepreneurs to relevant participants within the many venture communities with whom we network.  We do these things without strings attached.   We also prepare CEOs and their Teams to successfully undergo Due Diligence.  This is one of our many services provided by Sponsors commercially.

We may be best known for helping CEOs reduce their presentation to a mere five-minute FAST PITCH — and do so comprehensively and concisely.   We help CEOs do so directly in front of experts and seasoned investors through our Sponsor, the Angels + Life Info Sciences Investors Networks found at www.NJAngels.net 

Entrepreneurs are provided with a safe environment to gain value, learn from mistakes, build their Team, increase capitalization, and improve their opportunities by connecting directly to Venture Investors and experts during our programs and and by networking through our Sponsors.

Our programs are held at the Commercialization Center for Innovative Technologies, or CCIT, located between Rutgers and Princeton on 675 Rt. 1 South, North Brunswick, NJ 08902.

Programs are usually held on the first Monday of each month, except for September and January due to Holidays held that first week.

Our Best of the Best CEOs program are held separately.

Participating Entrepreneurs at our program registration page, whether in person, or via Conference Call-In.

Participating Sponsors pay via our  Sponsors page.

Entrepreneurs Programs are focused on Entrepreneurial CEOs and we welcome Angels and qualified coaching sponsors as guests.   Angels and Guests who participate for our full day program: 0900 to 1800 pay $42. via PayPal.

Please email via PayPal your $42 pmt to EntreUniv@gmail.com along with your deck, to lock-in your 20-minute CEO Forum.