Entrepreneurs University programs

… formed as the New Jersey Entrepreneurs’ Forum Inc.  in 1984 as a non-profit educational institution. The programs help technology-based Entrepreneurs learn key skills and proper techniques, as well as gain the tools, resources, and access to professional investors needed to build strong companies and grow their Teams of Employees.


Started by Entrepreneurs, Consultants, Angels, and Venture Capitalists, we have helped hundreds of Entrepreneurial Scientists, Engineers, and Technologists learn how to become Fundable CEOs.   Some are featured as Best of the Best CEOs, and others are still working with us as Entrepreneurs-In-Residence.


CEOs become fundable by learning how to:

  • Prepare for outside capital, by writing a more fundable business plan, build their Team, and protect the CEO and their technology;
  • Research, decide, and organize key relevant marketplace assumptions and use them to make realistic doable projections of cash needs and cash flows;
  • Navigate and negotiate the sale of their securities to professional investors;
  • Make a more compelling, concise, and fundable Fast Pitch in front of savvy sophisticated accredited private investors – convincingly – and – within 300 seconds,

and then survive

  • a thorough Due Diligence gauntlet proving key claims, and motivating serious investors and Partners to join the CEO’s company in meaningful ways.

Entrepreneurs University programs have helped dozens of CEOs raise millions of dollars.  In turn, new products and services to improve quality of healthcare and medicine, and information technologies come to the commercial marketplace.

WHO:  we focus on Technology-based Entrepreneurial CEOs

Naturally we assist New Jersey Entrepreneurs, and those from within 300-miles of Princeton, plus we warmly welcome in Entrepreneurs from the entire East Coast, from east of the Mississippi River, and down from the Great Lakes, and Canada — as long as they possess some sort of technology-based “unfair advantage” in the commercial marketplace.

Our preferred focus is on 


especially for:






biotech, pharma, drug discovery, & drug delivery, 

plus info sciences & advanced materials which supports them.

–  other related technologies are welcome.


We help prepare CEOs and funnel scores of them to over a dozen elite Venture Fairs we support each year. In 1995, EntreUniv transformed from a grant-based entity of the NJ Commission on Science & Technology into a private non-profit carried solely by its Sponsors, Trustees, and Officers. Since 2009, our primary Sponsor is the Angels + LifeInfoSci Investors Network: www.NJAngels.net 


Since the mid-’90s, we have focused on and coached three or more Entrepreneurial CEOs each month making their own  FAST PITCH 5+5 VENTURE PLAN FORUM to then gain real-world, hard-hitting feedback from our seasoned expert Sponsors who are Angels, VCs, and other Entrepreneurs who bring their perspectives from deep experiences and integrated disciplines.


WHAT we do for, with, and to Entrepreneurs:

Remaining true to our initial mission of  Deconstructing & Reconstructing an Entrepreneur’s Business Plan within a brief, intense training and coaching session before, during, and sometimes after each of our two-hour technical program held 4-6p, each month (*schedule)  at the Commercial Center for Innovative Technologies.

Knowing what to say, how to say it, and what is necessary to impress investors sufficiently to be called into a second meeting, CEOs gain valuable insights into what makes an investment process successful.

Some CEOs work with us for many years before achieving their own success.

Our program’s success is due to the active support of our Managers,  Sponsors, and Lead Advisors who provide Entrepreneurs and their Teams the help and direction necessary to grow correctly from each stage to the next.

Technology-based Entrepreneurs are provided more than just basic skills to start, manage, and finance a new company.  Entrepreneurs acquire knowledge, resources, and provided connections to enable revenue and job growth.

EntreUniv continues to “help prepare technology-based Entrepreneurial CEOs to start and grow successful companies by providing access to skills, tools,  and resources necessary to write a compelling and fundable business plan, properly raise capital, and finance their commercial enterprise.”


EntreUniv’s Board of Trustees works diligently to ensure our Entrepreneurial CEOs receive the highest quality services, using Best Practices, and that constructive referrals to sources of capital, and specific pitch training helps them start-up and expand by

making progress versus making mistakes.

Contact Us:

Email us:  LeadAdvisor@EntreUniv.org with questions, and sign up for our next program.  Qualified and registered Entrepreneurs may call-in their pitch to our Team of Experts, Angels and Business Coaches.