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ZSX Medical LLC, Dan Mazzucco, PhD, CEO

ZSX MedicalZipStitchClips improve Women’s Health by providing surgeons these bio-resorbable polymer “clips”  to safely speed their closure of Patients following  laparoscopic hysterectomy surgery.  Replacing suture knot-tying with ZipStitchClips saves surgeons – and Patients – tremendous and valuable time.

Lead Advisor and Angel investor:  Dan Conley

BEST of BEST CEO 2011  

EMMA by In Range Systems

CEO Chris Bossi

 EMMA is an Electronic Medication Management Appliance which enables strict adherence and compliance controls for Patients to take their right pills at the right times at home.  Families of Wounded Warriors for whom EMMA has reduced drug-assisted suicide are fanatical consumers; EMMA is real telemedicine for Patients in their home. It enables a physician-interface for Patients 24/7 and can authorize safe changes to regimens of powerful anti-depressants or pain pills. EMMA is a rugged ATM-like vault for dangerous medicines.  It provides full alert texts if any interruptions occur, and when the Patient is administered their meds by EMMA. EMMA raised $26.0M of Angel & Venture capital.  Their sales were over $1.0M for both 2010 and 2011. Our $7.0M C-round achieves a positive cash flow with revenue growth to $5.0M and then $50.M.

Lead Advisor and Angel investor: Dan Conley


BEST of BEST CEO 2010 

PluroGen, Inc.

CEO Neal Koller

PluroGel SSD is Single-antibiotic 1.0% Silver Sulfadiazine sold in nine Euro-countries.
PluroGel is a unique drug delivery material for complex wounds and burns that accelerates healing because of its novel properties enabling it to rinse off completely with just a water spray.  It’s reverse thermal property causes it to solidify, and therefore protect wounds as its dressings are applied, and while it delivers its medicine(s).   Actively using PluroGel SSD are world respected Burn Care Units & Wound Clinic Doctors who are healing patients with “spectacular results!”    By early 2012, over 65 Angels have invested $6.7M plus PluroGen has secured millions of dollars in grants, and its Intellectual Property has been development with many more millions of dollars at the Univ of Virginia, Charlottesville for over 15 years.

PluroGel PPN is a triple antibiotic entering Human Clinical Trials during 2012.

Lead Advisor and Angel investor:  Dan Conley


BEST of BEST CEO 2009 

Immunomic Therapeutics, Inc.

CEO William Hearl, PhD.

Closed Angel-led round and now dosing Patients for initial applications.  During 1Q’12, was paid mid-six revenue from a Big Five Pharma after an intense year-long examination of ITI’s LAMP vaccine technology, fully validates ITI’s business plan goals.  ITI’s low cost simple and efficient clinical trials are simple blood and skin tests to prove safe vaccine efficiency for tree allergies, & grass allergies. Currently a Patient’s annual painful shot battery bolsters their immune system temporarily against allergies.  LAMP-vax retrains an immune system to super-bloom upon recognizing allergens permanently by MHC2 or professional antigen agents. $20.0M+ of non-dilutive grants and $3.0M of Angel capital has helped prove vaccines platform with multiple exits for shareholders, plus ITI has initial strategic partnerships in place.

Lead Advisor and Angel investor:  Dan Conley.


BEST of BEST CEO 2008 

Sword Diagnostics

CEO Dave Dingott

has developed extremely sensitive Next Generation Pathogen Detection Technology for Life Sciences using Raman Spectroscopy coupled with SwordDx’s patented detection chemistry.

SwordDx’s chemistry enables Scientists and Clinicians to study and to quantify low- abundance biomarkers as well as working with ever-decreasing sample volumes. SwordDx’s chemistry works with standard ELISAs in the standard 96-well plate format and directly replaces standard HRP (Horse radish Peroxidase) substrates with minimal changes to the assay reagents and protocols.

SwordDx’s partner, Tecan, makes available a higher performance immunoassay detection technology using Tecan’s Infinite® line of plate readers.

SwordDx’s partner, OTraces uses SwordDx’x diagnostics Technology to Enhance Cancer Detection with its BC Sera DXTM breast cancer screening test, which can detect breast cancer at earlier levels (tinier amounts) and with greater accuracy than current screening methods

Lead Advisor and Angel investor:  Dan Conley