Blogging guidelines

Our mission at Entrepreneurs University is to

Teach entrepreneurs best practices for raising capital from professional accredited entities that is consistent with the entrepreneur’s business plan.

Thus, blogs posted here should be broadly written so that they are consistent with our mission. This should be relatively easy to do. Blogs written for your business website, LinkedIn, or other social media site could be posted here with a modest rewrite that provides some entrepreneurial educational content

Please do not advertise or pitch your business in the blogs directly. This happens indirectly and automatically every time you post. Your bio, company, and contact information contained in your user profile is a click away at your by line under the blog title. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) tools are active on the site so every posting on the site is pushed out to a couple of dozen search engine friendly sites to help promote your ideas. Some of your bio could become part of the search engine results especially if you include your Google+ URL in your profile. The blogs should be professional and suitable for a large diverse audience.

Blogging topics may include just about anything from lessons learned, issues facing entrepreneurs and the challenge of creating a new business, to useful resources on business and entrepreneurship just to name a few. We look forward to your posts and learning together as part of this community.