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Blogging guidelines

Our mission at Entrepreneurs University is to Teach entrepreneurs best practices for raising capital from professional accredited entities that is consistent with the entrepreneur’s business plan. Thus, blogs posted here should be broadly written so that they are consistent with our mission. This should be relatively easy to do. Blogs written for your business website, […]

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POP email setup guidelines

Entrepreneur University users here are some guidelines on setting up a POP email box for your email client if you wish to do so. I highly recommend that you use a secure connection to the email box using the Secure Sockets Layer (SSL). The key parameters are as follows: Webmail:              POP/IMAP Server: […]

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Password guidelines

Entrepreneur University users and bloggers, here’s some guidelines for creating a strong password that you are more likely to remember.  A good password should be based on a phase of three to four words like catsfishdeepbluesea. This comes from a Jimi Hendrix song. Add caps so it become CatfishDeepBlueSea. Now add a header and footer […]

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