Dan Conley

Dan Conley

Since 1986, Dan Conley has provided various forms of capital and financing to start-up and established Business Owners. As of 2013, after over a dozen Angel investments involving nearly $20.M of direct and co-invested capital deployed resulting from transactions originated or closed by him, investments have yielded up to 10X.


In 1986, Dan was recruited as the sole Program Coordinator for GE Capital’s acquisition of the RCA Credit Corp. and developed similar technology vendor financing programs for other OEMs until recruited by Chancellor, in 1989, which was the General Partner of a series of investment trusts.   Dan and his Team leveraged syndicates of debt with equity from single or multiple investors, and created strong returns for investors.   Dan’s due diligence and Program Coordinator roles resulted in originating millions of dollars of new business, after he created and implemented an automated prospecting and profiling system, similar to the GE Capital RACE system which he used and refined for Rapid Application Credit Evaluation.

Since 1991, and as OnCallCFO for Fundable Teams CEOs have engaged Dan Conley to help them prepare, polish, package, and present their Business Plan materials to specific screened-in and qualified sources of private equity and institutional capital.  Dan mounts targeted fundraising campaigns for qualified CEOs who seek valuable marketplace feedback about capitalization and valuation as well as market niche intelligence from expert sources.

Dan has originated or closed, or both, many millions of dollars of financing across many sectors, including Life Sciences, Healthcare InfoTech, Biotech, Adv.Materials, Clean.Energies, dot.coms, software, communications, equipment OEMs, and process manufacturing.

Starting in 1993, Dan helped transform and privatize what was then a nine-year old non-profit educational institution, mirrored  on the MIT Enterprise Forum’s format of “Deconstructing and Reconstructing an  Entrepreneurial Business Plan” at each of its ten monthly programs a year.

Helping to take private the Entrepreneurs University programs  www.EntreUniv.org  with other Sponsors, Angels, and Investors, Dan has helped provide value to hundreds of technology-based  Entrepreneurs.  Under his leadership, EntreUniv has provided Organizational Support to dozens of elite east coast Venture Fairs, and Angel networks – annually.

Each EntreUniv program features 1.) a technical expert speaking on relevant topics involving finance, intellectual property, and securities documents, and the like. And 2.) features FAST PITCH 5+5 VENTURE PLAN FORUMS of ten-minutes total, for those qualified Entrepreneurs who getting up and out onto the venture fair circuit – safely.  Each Fast Pitch Coaching session is 20-minutes in length and CEOs work directly with a Lead Advisor or Sponsor of EntreUniv.

EntreUniv uniquely provides objective expertise and hard-hitting constructive feedback that benefit Entrepreneurs.

EntreUniv, now in its 29th program year (2012-2013), operates First Tuesdays from 4-6p with an hour of networking before and after.  EntreUniv actively seeks qualified Sponsors who can add expertise and participate on these Speakers panels.

Note that in Jan and Sept, EntreUniv programs are held on Second Thursdays, and during the months of July and Aug, no EntreUniv programs are held, but the NJAngels meets elsewhere to develop subsequent year programs.

Since its 1996 founding, the Angels + LifeSciences and InfoSciences Investors Networks ( www.NJAngels.net ) Dan has been its Managing Director and works with over 100 accredited individuals and institutions, to determine  best fit capital;  structure, price, and proceeds to help target companies to grow and return an investment upside to those who back them.

NJAngels realized a 10X return on a cancer diagnostics co. now traded on NASDAQ.

To prepare for funding, Entrepreneurs undergo a private and confidential VenturEvaluation process involving Due Diligence preparation.  These workshops are held separately to EntreUniv programs.

Real Entrepreneurs Boot Camps, day-long preparation programs produced by Dan from ’97 through ’04 brought together up to ten Life Sciences and Healthcare co. CEOs in a single day, involving Angels and VCs as panelists to help pick Winners.

Since ’98 our focus has been on  NanoBio Tools, Materials, + Devices for Diagnostics, Imaging, RegenMedicines, the Delivery or Discovery of Drugs, Healthcare IT or any technologies for First Responders or Wounded Warriors.   We feature CEOs only with Unfair Market or Technological Advantages.

In 2001, with the successful funding of a high-throughput drug discovery robotic proteomics platform co., Dan Conley became an active Angel Investor for select  CEOs and Teams who have demonstrated capabilities to properly sell securities to outside investors.

Dan and other NJAngels have invested in the following companies, as well as a handful of others:

●    Neuro-Pain all-natural Medicine sells OTC, and generated over $20M revenue, after three VC rounds.

●    Cancer Dx co. w/ exclusive reagent enables 1st FSH genetic molecular test for melanoma cancer, now over $50M rev. public.

●    Ultra-sensitive reagent chemistry detects and diagnoses the tiniest samples for life sciences – esp. cancer.

●    High-throughput genomics for drug discovery using a novel robotics & automation platform.

●    DNA Vaccine platform co. being applied to allergies, which works for A.M. Leukemia patients.

●   Wound & Burn Care hydrogel material protects skin, delivers medicines, and then rinses off completely, to accelerate healing.

●   Most recently, a wound closure device that improves women’s health.

Dan served honorably in the US Marine Corps.  He was instrumental in novel support technologies as a member of the 3rd Air Wing’s Rapid Deployment Force, and an accomplished NASA-certified Avionics technician.  Dan earned many awards, was meritoriously promoted, and officially commended for two significant base-wide responsibilities.

Dan graduated from the Univ. of Massachusetts at Lowell (UL) in 1986 after leading many campus-wide  clubs and in the Student Government.  He was the UL representative to the State Student Association of Massachusetts and published — and delivered — its first state-wide newspaper.   On campus he was an active front page and editorial page newspaper reporter for the UL Connector.  He earned various awards as a NCAA Division III scholarship athlete and NCAA Swimming and Diving Coach.  Dan created and led novel campus-wide fundraising activities by creating awareness for abused children and another for battered women.

Since 1Q’91 Dan has been a resident of Somerset, NJ — active in his Parish, the community, and the public school system.  He was an active member of Troop 113’s  Troop Committee of the Boy Scouts of America.  More recently he’s been active with the non-profit Marconi Foundation, Inc. www.MarconiLanding.org


For consideration for program participation call Dan Conley directly 732.873.1955  EntreUniv@gmail.com