Lorette Pruden

Lorette Pruden

Lorette Pruden, PhD. is a chemical engineer-turned-entrepreneur.

During her research career with Mobil, she moved from working with molecules to working with people, creating and leading cross-functional teams of research and business experts.

Lorette founded Inventive Strategies in 2000 to help entrepreneurs with the organization and presentation challenges of their business.

One challenge is to tell the story of your innovation and your company to investors so that they will reach for their checkbook.

A professional speaker and past president of the National Speakers Association NJ, Lorette can turn your technical presentation into a story that captures the right investors for you.

Also a published author, Lorette’s newest book is From Formerly Corporate to Conquering Entrepreneur, due in early 2013.

More than just a consultant or coach, Lorette works at the intersection of business and people processes, helping technical entrepreneurs make the most of their ideas.