Password guidelines

Entrepreneur University users and bloggers, here’s some guidelines for creating a strong password that you are more likely to remember.  A good password should be based on a phase of three to four words like catsfishdeepbluesea. This comes from a Jimi Hendrix song. Add caps so it become CatfishDeepBlueSea. Now add a header and footer of special characters and numbers that you use for all your passwords like (-0.CatfishDeepBlueSea.0-) or <~7CatfishDeepBlueSea8~> for example. A password for another site could be <~7SweetDreamsSevenSeas8~> (from a Eurythmics song) if using the second example. You see the header and footer are the same as the prior one but the phase changed. When you write down the password don’t include the standard header and footer.

Use the password manager in the browser like Firefox but use a master password for it so you only need to remember a few passwords. The xkpasswd website has a password generator that uses this approach to give you more examples. None of your passwords should be the same and please don’t use these passwords shown here.

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