Robert Stathopulos


Robert Stathpulos

Robert “Bob” Stathopulos is Founder and President of Product Development Technology, Inc., ProDevTec, a consulting practice that assists early stage medical device ventures move their ‘first product’ out of the development laboratory and onto the production floor.

He has worked with ten start-ups over the last 20 years.   For the first half of his career, Bob served as

  • Director of Research & Development and Director of Business Development for the $50.M surgical products division of Becton Dickinson,


  • Director of Manufacturing Development for the $250.M medical device division of American Cyanamid, and


  • Director of Product Development for the $125.M surgical products subsidiary of Johnson & Johnson.

He was responsible for the design, development and manufacture of hypodermic needles, venipuncture needles, scalpel blades, suction catheters, surgical sutures, cranial surgery products and general surgery instruments.

For the second half of his career, Bob advises early stage ventures in the design, development and manufacture of medical devices.  He works with the start-up CEO and his/her management team to move their “first product” out of development and into production.

He has assisted in the development and manufacture of safety needles and syringes, safety blood collection devices, fiber optic catheters, external counter-pulsation therapy equipment, trans-dermal drug patches and neuro-stimulation devices.

Bob’s expertise includes streamlining the medical device development cycle, the proper application of FDA design controls, the prototyping and testing of new products, validating the product design, establishing the manufacturing supply chain, and determining the new product cost structure.

Bob earned a Bachelor of Mechanical Engineering from City College of CUNY, and a Master of Science in Bio-Engineering from Polytechnic Institute of NY.

He sponsors Entrepreneurs University and serves as a medical device Advisor and DealScrubber to the Angels + Life Sciences Investors Networks.

He is profiled on LinkedIn

and actively participates in various online medical device discussion groups.