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Coaching Sponsors are technical experts in their specific field and provide instruction to participating Entrepreneurial CEOs.

Dan Conley,   Managing Director,  Angels + Life Sci and InfoSci Investors Networks.  www.NJAngels.net   AngelsForums@gmail.com 

Charles Brumlik, PhD, JD  Founding Managing Member

Lorette Pruden, PhD, Business Solutions

Stephen B. Kaplitt, Esq.  Attorney

Mike Loftus, Business Development for www.Integrium.com for world-class CRO services

Rich Wildnauer, PhD MBA founder, RHW Associates, LLC  


Supporting CEOs is their new passion.  

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Lorette Pruden, PhD works at the intersection of business and people processes that yield success. In 2000 she founded Inventive Strategies where her broad network of specialists in innovation, marketing, organizational development, business development, and sales training, combine their expertise to solve clients’ problems.

Lorette is a chemical engineer-turned-entrepreneur. During her research career with Mobil, she moved from working with molecules to working with people, creating and leading cross-functional teams of research and business experts.

Her qualifications include:

  • PhD from Princeton University (Mobil Incentive Fellowship)
  • Past President National Speakers Association  NJ
  • Past  Director of the Institute for Management Consultants NJ
  • NJBiz Top 50 Management Consultants
  • Advisory Board for PDMA’s Front End of Innovation Conference  2003-07

Lorette serves on the Industrial Research Institute’s Innovation Leaders Network, where she helped develop the Front End of Innovation model. She has implemented Balanced Scorecards™ for strategy execution, is a Mobil-certified Team Skills trainer, and is a certified Master Trainer for PeopleSmart™ and Team Nimbus.   She leads peer-advisory teams of entrepreneurs and small business owners through Team Nimbus NJ.


Charles Brumlik, PhD JD and his NanoBiz Associates help effectively plan and execute your technology growth initiatives that  are ripe for commercialization.  With each engagement, we assemble a focused core team that draws on the support of our global network of domain experts.   We are pragmatic in our approach.   We roll up our sleeves and help you translate late-stage technology solutions into profitable commercial products and find the right markets for them.

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