For Entrepreneurial CEOs to undergo

the Deconstruction + Reconstruction

of their Business Plan, it must contain

unfair technological or marketplace advantages.

EntreUniv, operating as a non-profit educational institution, invites Entrepreneurs to participate in our monthly programs which are held at the CCIT, the Commercialization Center for Innovative Technologies –

We provide CEOs with a safe environment for their Entrepreneurs’ Forum, which results in improvements to their business plan, their fundraising plans, and their concise and effective presentation to informed and qualified accredited investors.  

With our programs, CEOs are better prepared to undergo Due Diligence and succeed at funding opportunities.


A.)     To begin, register and pay $42 via PayPal to observe one of our monthly programs, 4p -to–6p.    

Each Participant makes their One-Minute Professional Forum to all the participants, which can serve as a great networking tool.  

Please bring business cards and Executive Summary handouts as you see fit.


B.)    To make your pitch to our Team, please pay an additional $42. and participate in our FAST PITCH COACHING session,  sponsored by Angels + Investors:  2p -to- 4p


C.)    Introduce yourself to our Team via email:, with a couple of paragraphs about

  • Your technology or know-how.
  • Your background, and why it is relevant to growing the business by raising capital, your market niche, and your Team.


D.)     Email your Business Plan’s Executive Summary (same email address), from 1 –to– 10-pages, and/or your presentation slidedeck.

One of our Angels or Lead Advisors will

contact you by phone for an initial interview.


E.)    After which you may be invited to join us for our Immersion day-long program: 10a-to-4p.


F.)    If you cannot wait until our next program, contact us about scheduling a standalone session with one of our Advisors or Angels.


G.)    If you are too early for funding, and your technology is interesting to any member of our team, you may be invited to join our annual Entrepreneurs-In-Residence program.


Entre Univ programs


Entrepreneurial CEOs learn real-world and practical ways to

  • save time by accurately preparing accelerate their fundraising process,
  • reduce their expenditure of energy, by gaining the tools and techniques which can more accurately or  swiftly connections that can directly to qualified funding sources,
  • save money by buying frugal and efficient services and gain access to appropriate venues at which in preparation for mounting their Fundraising Campaign.

Fundraising Tools developed during your programs and workshops with us could include:

  1. Fast Pitch:  a 300-second Venture Plan presentation, containing
  • concise,
  • cogent, 
  • and comprehensive elements of your Business Plan.

One of the Best Tools you can have to gain second and third formal meetings with investors and begin their Due Diligence process.

Being able to adequately represent, and back-up with proof, your Business Plan in five minutes  may impress Angels + Investors sufficiently to gain their respect, referrals, and a second interview.

Even more valuable is the feedback and referrals which our experts can provide.


2.   Practiced and confident ANSWERS to the TWENTY QUESTIONS which ANGELS + INVESTORS WILL LIKELY ASK YOU, as a result of your Five Minute Fast Pitch.

Knowing the answers in advance to the sort of Questions Investors will pose helps Entrepreneurs prepare really good well-researched Answers.


3.   Insights as to how to tie-back financial assumptions with projections.


4.   More effective milestones or benchmarks, which are achieved on a realistic Use of Proceeds.

Our EntreUniv objectives include helping each Entrepreneur develop

5.  slideshows

6.  slideshow scripts,

7.  slideshow graphics,

8.  other improvements to their written and articulated Business Plan,

9.  cross-training so that other Members of the CEO’s TEAM  can make an equally compelling and effective presentation.

10.  prepare exhibits that back-up CEO’s claims,

11.  validate assumptions, rework projections,

12.  analyze carefully the Competitive Landscape,

13.  specific Competing solutions to Customer problems,

14.  identify talent which is employed by Competitors.

Achieving fundability is our mutual end-result.


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may develop through regular on-going VenturEvaluations

VenturEvaluations are a series of

processes and procedures and decisions

which provide Entrepreneurs an opportunity

to refine, rehearse or strengthen their


  • Defend claims, tightly research assumptions, and back-up fastidious projections.
  • Make concise, clear, compelling, and  sale-able Venture Plan SECURITIES to capitalize and evolve in a balanced and longterm fashion.
  • Construct your Sell Book, your digital Due Diligence, and create your DEAL VAULT.
  • Be FEATURED on software platforms most attractive to investors.
  • Gain Warm-Introductions from Trusted Sources, that provides accredited Angels and Investors confidence that they’re correct to invest time and energy exploring your Venture Plan.
  • Have Representation during in-person meetings with accredited Angel investors, Venture Capitalists, or Venture Developers. 

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VenturEvaluation Agreement

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