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Entrepreneurs University Sponsors are accredited experts and domain professional service providers who specialize in early stage venture capital, life sciences, and healthcare industries. Sponsors are featured Speakers and Panelists who advise and support CEOs to promote Entrepreneurship, Capital Formation and Job Creation, and make an annual (10 program) commitment to support the non-profit Entrepreneurs University.

As supportive experts, the EntreUniv’s Team advances the interests of Sponsor at every reasonable opportunity and the sponsor gains access to the DealFlow and the InvestorFlow that results from our primary Sponsor: the New Jersey Angels + Investors Networks.

We recruit complementary experts from key integrated disciplines who specialize in commercializing:

  • Intellectual Property, Licensing, and Regulatory expertise.
  • Business Plan Writing, Executive Summary, Scripted Slide deck
  • Securities Law, Private Placement Memoranda
  • Accounting, Tax advice, Creative Capital, Banking, Equity, Mergers & Acquisitions
  • Sourcing Angel capital, Venture Capital, or Human Capital
  • Functional Product/Technical Development Expertise

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